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Huge Cerignola olive, the most famous of Italian olive.

Olive Cerignola

Since pitting is still rather difficult to obtain on this kind of fruit only whole olives are available on the food market. Bella di Cerignola is a cultivar produce used as a table olive, grown in a limited area of the province of Foggia (Apulia), in the outskirts of the town of Cerignola, from which it gets the name. The Ecotype, registered on the schedario oleicolo italiano is a genetically distinct geographic variety of the Cerignola Olive. The cultivation of this multiclonal variety dates back to the ‘400 when the Crown of Aragon ruling in the Tavoliere di Capitanata, introduced Spanish ecotypes although other sources suggest a native descendancy directly from the Orchites olives grown in the area during the Roman times. The Bella di Cerignola obtained through the clonal selection of mutant types shows better and suitable market qualities. The impact of distinct geographic settings on the proprieties of the final product allows the olives grown and produced in this area, under a production's technical policy, to obtain a safeguarding Protected Designation Origin trade mark (DOP): La Bella della Daunia. • Discover its history